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We love user experience and have therefore developed a solution for data distribution that scales organically and has the potential of making your website faster. By adding our simple script – Greta – to your site, your content will be distributed directly between your End Users, through peer-2-peer technology. Greta will only distribute data this way, if the script deems that the peer-2-peer distribution will bring better quality for the End User, than the solution you have in place today.

As we use webRTC technology, no End User action is needed, and if we for any reason cannot deliver the data by peer- 2-peer distribution, we always fallback to the solution you have in place today. The effect of Greta will depend on different parameters of your users’ behavior, but the beauty is that the more users you get, the greater the benefits will be of Greta.

We want to emphasize that this is the beta version of Greta and we are still developing the technology. However, we would love for you to try this beta version of Greta in the meantime. Until further notice, we are happy to offer you Greta free of charge. You will be granted access to Greta after setting up a User Account at our Website, and at the same time accepting these Terms. We have written these Terms to avoid misunderstandings and to make it clear on what conditions we can offer you this new solution for distribution. It would make us happy if, and we strongly recommend that, you read the Terms thoroughly.

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We are highly committed to protect the privacy of our registered Users and Website visitors. We therefore commit to follow the terms of this Privacy Policy, at all times. This Privacy Policy describes your privacy rights regarding any information we collect from you, how we may use it and how we protect it.

By registering a User Account at the Website and accepting our Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy, you are accepting the personal data handling practices described in this Privacy Policy. If you represent a legal entity you ensure to, and are responsible to, make your physical representatives, employees etc. aware of the contents stated herein.

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