Smarter content delivery

Greta lives inside the client and makes multi-tier delivery decisions to optimize the content experience.

Greta makes decisions at the absolute edge of the network, in the client. The decisions are based on an aggregated view of the network performance data.

For every request Greta becomes more intelligent by aggregating data in real-time.

Multi-CDN to improve performance and stability

Improve your users’ experience by having multiple CDNs. Greta works as a control layer on top of whatever providers you pick.

Improved speed and quality with peer-to-peer delivery

For faster load times and higher quality media streaming, Greta lets you turn on peer-to-peer delivery. This allows clients to deliver content directly to other clients.

Helping you be at your best, when it matters the most

Greta’s peer-to-peer delivery will scale organically and offload during heavy traffic. The more concurrent users you have, the more delivery power you get from peer-to-peer.

Performance monitoring

Monitor real user data in your performance dashboard. Compare your delivery solutions and see how performance differs between geographical areas in real-time.

Real user data:
  • Throughput
  • Image loadtime
  • Video quality
  • Failures
Filter on:
  • Providers
  • Geography
  • ISPs
  • Time