Greta creates a decentralized distribution network between your viewers and enables content to be loaded from other viewers watching the same content. For VOD content Greta will also cache content intelligently for repeat views or instant seeking, which ends up in big savings in total network usage.

Greta gives your viewers a smoother experience, and especially under heavy load. More concurrent viewers increases the distribution network as well as the network density, enabling higher quality and fast load times during traffic spikes

You don’t have to make any changes in your video player, just include the script in the <head> and it will start loading the chunks for you.

Greta supports:
  * live video
  * video on demand

Supported streaming protocols:
  * HLS
  * DASH

// We support all players using XMLHttpRequest
Supported players:
  * HLS.js
  * Dash.js
  * Video.js
  * Shaka Player
  * ...and most other players using HLS or DASH